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Albionmall Online Have Updated And Easier Albion Online Silver Trip

Docember 2, 2016 -- Albionmall Online always try our best to provide the excellent service to clients. In order to  get the original feedback from customer, we kept contact with gamers, clients, third party Albion Online game servicer and everyone could give us feedback and comment. Albionmall Online kept learning and improving, just for one goal-- serve you better. And here, I am so glad to tell you that has changed a new online website section. 

As a professional Albion Online Silver supplier, Albionmall Online ( ) want to let clients feel comfortable and have a easy trip when them log into More use friendly more better, More easy to Buy Albion Online Silver, then more game time will be saved. Compared with the last web page view, has mainly updated the following 2 fields:

1. User Interface: invest more in the web page design updated, add more dynamic effect in home page picture, re-arrange the game list and webpage background, and also have updated the mainly page color, banner images, news games and so on, which will make your browsing more comfortable. After collect and analyse the questionnaire, think the new section is more clear and informative than before.

2. User Experience: There was a period, find so many new comers always stopped the click at a buy Albion Online Silver menu page without continue, after contact with them and find the key problem of this question was that the next step button was so small and underside of the page. It is hard to find it!! So in this new updated section,'s engineer spend lots of effort to improve the user experience, which include the linkage continuity, the key button brightness, live chat service more swimmingly and auto-check more faster. User experience design is integrated into software development and other forms of application development in order to inform feature requirements and interaction plans based upon the user's goals. It will be more easier for even new users to place order buy Albion Online Silver in 

3. Promotion: also provide so much promotion for you in this updated section, even have more for you. How to get it? The order process was also very easy: For example, how to order Albion Online Silver : First Step: Choose Your Albion Online Server: Second Step: Choose safe albion online silver and click “buy now” button; And Final Step: Fill in discount code and click "Check out", and then finish the payment pls. appreciates everyone who will give us some suggestions, ands welcome to's New Section, enjoy your easier Albion Online Silver trip!

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