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Enchanting of Elder Scrolls Online is my main craft

People say they don't want to join a guild in an mmo, then wonder why so few people offer to help them in zone chat. I will happily give up entire evenings, 4hrs + helping fellow guildies do content I've completed, but you have to get me in a very special mood if you think I'm going to do that for a random player. We do the group dungeons on guild runs etc.

There are loads of crap guilds around, there's also loads of great ones, catering for all needs whether new to mmos, casual or hardcore. I wrote a post on another forum explaining exactly what I was looking for in a guild and was pleasantly surprised as to how many people sent me pms, I browsed their web sites, found one I thought was a great match and have been in it since just before ESO went live and have made many great online friends. We all have fun, we all go out of our way to help each other and the problem the OP posted simply doesn't exist.

Is it at all within the realm of possibility to understand that YOU MIGHT simply be better at this game go for ESOMalls than some other people are? Your wonderful "go Solo it" advice is not helping, it doesn't help the player get 'better', it doesn't provide any insight. It just shows what a punk you are.

Enchanting is my main craft, I use an excellent site that tells me what I need to make what glyph. If someone asks how to make say an increase magicka glyph for vet 3 armour, should I go to that site and then type back what it says or should I post the web address for them to look at?

I would post the web address unless I already had the site opened on my 2nd monitor, in that case I would both tell them what they need and where I got the info from.

There's a few really great websites out there that show all the info you could want, very very clearly, allowing you to see just what you want, in fact just three or four is all you need, and for example looking at the comands page, many people will learn far more than asking in zone chat.

An example, I reached vet 5 a few weeks ago and presumec I needed help with the anchors in Cyrodiil. I was with a guildie from ESO Gold Store, she said unless things ha e changed they are easier than level 1 - 49 ones and she was right.

I could solo all of the ones in Cyrodiil because while they might say vet 5, they clearly aren't (while I soloed these every time, at vet 5 I would die doing vet 1 ones in AD). I've bugged this, there's numerous threads about it on this forum.

But it is natural for someone to think they need help for these, hence if I was asked by another vet 5 + player I would politely tell them to try solo first .

There's bosses I've tried in this and other games where guildies have said I should be able to solo it at my level, and to try tactic xyz, and if after a few attempts I'm still stuck, they will come and help.

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